Redressing Covid-19 Related Business Operations Through Litigation

Keep your organization with the best defense mechanism that might have arisen due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As the days go by before complete trails for vaccination are made available with a definite cure, there will be scores of organizations heading towards litigation for many new issues that are being faced from their end. In the last couple of months to the upcoming few more months down this year before things go back to normal for many in the business, there will be a load of litigation instances to be ready for.

The major threats that will be leading some businesses to face litigation will be involving around the issues like:

Contractual Obligations.

Contractual obligations will be the first and foremost hit, for the majority of the organization that deals with reduction in productions, services, delivery and timeframe in the middle of the pandemic spread, containing it and lockdown measures. This would be a tougher time for start-ups and SMBs to keep their employees, infrastructure and also focus on contractual terms and obligations on delivery or completion.

Shortages in Supply Chain.

Shortcomings due to shortages are not a surprise when a business is partially hit. The supply chain takes a brunt when some in the beginning to the end of the chain is facing operational issues due to lack of employee inaccessibility to production premises, governmental regulations to be compliant with COVID-19 containment and less to no shipping possibilities. This brings critical shortages in procuring.

Pay-cuts, Layoffs, and Termination

Businesses are now in time to sustain their business for current and in the long run and hence would be forced to deal with losses in terms of pay-cuts, layoffs, and terminations. This needs to be dealt with a lot of empathy and within the employer-employee relationships. Organizations need to bring about compensatory, understanding or validate their defenses for their in-house challenges.

Jurisdictions related to General and Specific Cases in US Courts.

Litigations in the USA are broadly classified into two jurisdictions namely general and specific. When it comes to general, it is an all-claims jurisdiction. And for specific, it’s any suit related jurisdiction. The defendant can work on jurisdictional challenges when it comes to face litigation and hence protect them from US Courts.

Cross-border Litigation.

With multi-national organizations now dealing with the crisis not just in the home base, but in different countries, work cultures, and varied governmental rules and regulations, now is the time to stay ahead by focusing on steadying up the across the country defenses to protect your business from being caught up in any litigation suits.

COVID-19 has opened up many businesses and people to challenges and vulnerabilities that were not previously anticipated in this currently large scale. Since now its already happening, its better to strongly suit up for defense and do your best in protecting your business, people and the organization.

At AEREN LPO, we have come up with COVID-19 litigation defense mechanism strategies to help our clients and assist you A-Z in your litigation discovery process.

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