How fruitful can the Healthcare industry become by making the most of E-Discovery?

When we go through our daily life there is a thing we most certainly need – Healthcare. We cannot deny the fact that there is none among us who can escape being sick, unwell or need a procedure done at some point in our life.Healthcare is so vital that no society can decide not to agree on its significant existence. In this blog, let’s find how the healthcare industry deals with best legal e-discovery services

In modern times, data is the bug that has not left anyone untouched. The bite is so sharp that it made everyone sit up and notice that data is everything. Especially underline the fact e-data, in terms of healthcare becomes Electronic Health Records (EHR) and further Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI).

E-Discovery of Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records (EHR) can be anything from patient personal records, medical history, medical diagnosis records,health plans, radiology, treatments undertaken,and medicines administered, billings, tax, insurance and the complete Hospital- Doctor-Patient, Billing&Administration Management Systems package.

U.S Department of Health and Human Services has regulated Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) and established HIPPA Security Rule guidelines which serves to protect health information that exists or being transmitted in electronic form together with The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act 2009 (HITECH), which provides compliance guidelines for EHR.

The Electronic Health Records (EHR), if left unchecked, not streamlined and integrated is a costly error that better not happen which leads to fine up to $1.5 million.

E-discovery of EHR can be pertaining to:

  • All ePHI information should  ensure confidentiality, availability and integrity.
  • Identify and protect key aspects of ePHI from threats.
  • Check for compliance for all ePHI data.
  • Assisting in audits or investigations.
  • Handling of data limited to a litigation.

E-Discovery mitigates risk on Healthcare by:

  • Evaluation of every potential risk factor.
  • Appropriate security measures implemented wherever necessary.
  • Continue to maintain the protective measures.
  • Periodical review and updates undertaken.
  • Streamline large quantity of data.

When a consistent e-discovery process is set up and planned in the beginning, e-discovery can tailor to your needs and keep you prepared at all times before something legal strikes you surprisingly and saves you from any unwanted results, time and cost.

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